Croatian Literature in Translation - Free Access Database


This database has been designed as a tool to assist professionals and other interested users to locate translations of Croatian literature according to different criteria and to facilitate promotion of Croatian literature abroad.

The database does not pretend to be a scientific bibliography in digital form, nor is it exhaustive and comprehensive at this stage. The genre and type of publication designations do not necessarily match those of scientific and library classification. They are intended solely for the convenience of the user who is searching for a particular literary work or a piece of information. The time coverage is at the moment also limited to translations published largely in the period between 1990 and the present day. However, as entries continue to accumulate, the coverage will be extended to include earlier translations.

While searching for data, we have consulted numerous published bibliographies and digital databases as well as data provided by authors. All these sources are meticulously documented in each entry.

If you find errors or wish to contribute with an entry of your own, please inform us at .

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