Branko Čegec

Branko Čegec (Kraljev Vrh, Brbovec, 1957) is an author, editor, critic, anthologist, essayist and translator, who made his poetic debut with experimental poems and subsequently devoted himself to free verse. He graduated in South Slavic Studies and Comparative Literature from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Studies in Zagreb. A highly influential editor, first of one of the most significant literary magazines in the former Yugoslavia, Quorum (1985-1989), and then in his own publishing firm, Meandar, which he founded in 1992. In 1999 he was appointed the chairman of the managing board of Goranovo Proljeće, the most important poetry festival in Croatia, where he remained until 2007. In 2002 he founded Centar za knjigu (Center for the Book) and in 2003 he started the magazine Tema.

Čegec won several major literary awards in the former Yugoslavia, including the Goran Prize for Young Poets in 1980. For his outstanding contribution to poetry in Croatia, he was awarded the Saint Quirinus plaque in 2008. His poems have been included in over thirty anthologies and collections in Croatia and abroad, and he participated in numerous international festivals and projects, including tge Marche de la poesie in Paris, Bordeaux and Marseille, and Poesie der Nachbarn in Edenkoben and Mainz. He translated about a dozen books from Slovenian. His poetry has been translated into French, Slovenian, German, English, Italian, Hungarian, Polish, Lithuanian, Macedonian, and Ruthenian.

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