Veljko Barbieri

 Veljko Barbieri (Split, 1950) is a novelist, narrator, screenwriter and a playwright. He studied Philosophy and Spanish Language at the Liberal Arts College in Zagreb. His prolific literary journey has started in 1972, with a novel The Story of Mr Zak. Throughout his entire work, Mediterranean and Dalmatian patrimony and history have had a central role. For his novel Diocletian, inspired by the life of the Roman emperor, he was awarded with Matica Hrvatska Award for the Book of the Year in 2006.

Another distinctive quality of Barbieri’s creative work is bringing together art and gastronomy. His internationally acclaimed novel Epitaph of an Imperial Gourmet was first in the line of his successful gastroliterary titles.

His short story collection 134 Stories About Food was shortlisted for the Best Book of Barcelona Book Fair in 2003 and has won the award in the category of Culinary Literature. In 2005, his Cooking Canzoniere was proclaimed Best Mediterranean Book in the World. Barbieri has been writing for many Croatian and Italian journals and magazines and is the author of the successful documentary series The Menus of the Lost Time. His work has been translated into Albanian, Italian and German.


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