Neva Lukić

Neva Lukić (Zagreb, 1982) has completed her master's degree in art history and archaeology at the University of Zagreb, and in theory of modern and contemporary art at Leiden University. She is active as a freelance author, arts critic, creative writing workshop teacher and curator. Her published titles include short story collections, poetry collections and a picture book for children. She combines writing with other artistic expressions with the aim to create interdisciplinary artworks close to literary performance and film (for example, short film "The Motel in the Well", with Sara Rajaei, 2016).

Her poems and short stories have been published in various magazines, on-line magazines, journals and collections (Zarez, Fantom Slobode, Poezija, Treći trg, Libartes, Blesok, Forgetting – Brumaria works # 9,  etc.) and have been aired on radio and TV. She has participated in poetry readings/literary festivals (Snap up Poetry - Belgrade, Stih u regiji - Zagreb, Astralna projekcija - Skopje, Slovenski knjižni sejem - Ljubljana, etc.), and also in film festivals (Nemaf film festival- Seoul, Festival de Cannes - SFC, Nederlands film festival- Utrecht). The collection of poems "Haljina obscura" has received the prize Zdravko Pucak for young poets by Central Croatian Cultural Society (2010).

Her poems and stories have been translated into Macedonian, Slovenian, English and Farsi.


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