Dario Harjaček

Dario Harjaček (Vienna, 1979) is a playwright, prosaist and theatre director. He graduated at the Academy of Dramatic Art at the University of Zagreb, with a theatrical adaptation of Chekhov’s Three Sisters (2006). Since that, he successfully adapted several films, novels and classical dramas. Since then, he has directed many works by contemporary playwrights and has created original stage adaptations of films, novels, classic plays and children's literature, such as The Piano Teacher based on the novel by Elfride Jelinek, Hamletpersona based on Shakespeare and Bergman’s Persona, The Evening Sonata based on Bergman and Alan Ford based on the eponymous comic book.

He wrote over fifty screenplays for the Children’s Programme of the Croatian National Television, and often collaborates at the Croatian Radio’s Drama Programme. He directed more than thirty plays in theatres and theatrical events all over Croatia. In 2018, he published his first novel, Sanjica Lacković.

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