Ivana Šojat

Ivana Šojat (Osijek, 1971) is a poet, novelist and literary translator. In 2000, she published her first book of poems Hyperbole, in 2003 followed by the book of poems Ascensions and in 2005 Phantoms. In 2006, she released a collection of short stories Like a Dog and essays And All the Masks Will Fall. In 2009 her highly praised novel Unterstadt was published, which deals with the fate and life paths of the Germans in Osijek in the 20th century.

Based on the novel Unterstadt a theater play was set in the Croatian National Theatre in Osijek. Her novel Šamšiel (2002) was awarded with the Charter of success at the manifestation Kozarčevi dani. As a literary translator Ivana Šojat translated numerous books from English and French into Croatian. She has lived in Belgium and Osijek.


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