Miljenko Jergović

Miljenko Jergović (Sarajevo, 1966), writer and journalist, lives in the countryside near Zagreb. He published his first article in 1983, and his first book of poetry Opservatorija Varšava (Opservatory Warsaw) in 1988. He wrote several collections of short-stories, Sarajevski Marlboro (Sarajevo Marlboro), Mama Leone, Inšallah Madona, Inšallah (Inch’Allah, Madonna, Inch’Allah) and a dozen novels, Dvori od oraha (The Walnut Mansion) and Ruta Tannenbaum among them. Polish translation of his novel Srda pjeva, u sumrak, na Duhove (Srda Sings, at Dusk, on Pentecost) won the Angelus literary award for the best Central European book in 2012.

Miljenko Jergović won the Prozart award in 2017 for the contribution to Balkan contemporary literature, as well as German Georg Dehio-Buchpreis award 2018 for his complete prose opus. His works have been translated into more than twenty languages.


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