Lora Tomaš

Lora Tomaš was born in Zagreb in 1981. She earned a Master’s Degree in Indology and English Language and Literature from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb, and a Master’s Degree in Gender Studies from Central European University in Budapest. She co-edited and co-translated into Croatian (from English and Hindi) two anthologies of contemporary Indian short prose and poetry: Afternoon Showers: A Selection from Contemporary Indian Women’s Writing (V.B.Z., 2011) and Lotuses of Neon: Indian Authors on Cities and Other Loves (Studio TiM & Indian Cultural Center, 2017).

The early version of her manuscript Salt Dark was shortlisted for the V.B.Z. Literary Prize for the Best Unpublished Novel of 2019. It was published in 2020 by Hena Com, with the addition of the short story Window With a View, a finalist for the Festival of the European Short Story contest in 2018. Salt Dark was adapted into a serialized radio novel for Croatian Radio. It was awarded Slavić for the best debut book.

Lora has spent a few years in South Asia, writing for South Asian publications. She currently lives in Zagreb, working as a journalist, literary critic, translator, and language instructor.

Photo: (c) Iva Perković

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