Mihaela Gašpar

Mihaela Gašpar (Zagreb, 1973), author of the novels No Sudden Joys, Please (Aora, 2010), Mitochondrial Eve (Matica hrvatska Osijek, 2013; second edition: Disput, 2015), On Teapots and Women (Disput, 2016), Slow Landslide (Disput, 2017) and Disquiet (Disput, 2019), and of the collection of short stories A Candy, Tobacco, a Razor (Disput, 2013).

In addition to positive critical reviews of all her prose works, in 2010 she won 2nd prize at the "Zlatko Tomičić" short story contest of Karlovac Literary Circle. In 2011, she took part in the Montenegrin contest "Vranac" for best stories of the region and was included in the anthology Outside of the Corridor. Best Stories in 2011.

The manuscript of Mitochondrial Eve won the contest of the Osijek branch of Matica hrvatska for best prose manuscript in 2012. The collection of short stories A Candy, Tobacco, a Razor was shortlisted for the Ksaver Šandor Gjalski award in 2013, while the novel On Teapots and Women made it to the finals for the Fran Galović award in 2017.

In 2018, the novel Slow Landslide was nominated for the Meša Selimović award. So far, negotiations are in progress for the novels On Teapots and Women and Disquiet to be published in France and Italy.


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