Nikola Petković

Nikola Petković (Rijeka, 1962) is an author, critic and university professor. He graduated in Comparative Literature and Philosophy from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and he continued his formation in the USA, where he worked on several universities. Since 2003, he has been a professor of Philosophy and Cultural Studies at the University of Rijeka, and Comparative Literature at the University of Zagreb.

His literary beginnings were linked to the journal Quorum. He debuted on the Croatian literary scene with the poetry collection Fairies and Elves (1984), followed by Melodies of Istra and Kvarner (1989). In 1989 he publishes his first novel Tales from Long Ago, followed by Lullaby for the Dead (2997) and How to Tie Your Shoes (2011). His novel A Journey to Gonars has been awarded with the prestigious tportal Prize for the Novel of the Year in 2019.



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