Sibila Petlevski

Sibila Petlevski (Zagreb, 1964) is a novelist, poet, playwright, performer, theatre scholar, editor, translator and university professor at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. She is a member of l’Académie Européenne de Poésie, L’Académie Mallarmé, the International PEN, serving two mandates on the International PEN Board (2002-2007). She received the most prestigious national prize for literature and arts – Vladimir Nazor Award – for her poetry collection A Hundred Alexandrian Epigrams (1993).

Her play Ice General was awarded with international selection at Berliner Festspiele TT-Stückemarkt in 2005. She is also the recipient of the 1st Poeteka International Poetry Prize for her book Joined Faces (2005), T-portal Prize for Novel of the Year (2010) for Time of Lies. Her play Lyrebird was selected at 10th Women Playwrights’ International for a stage reading in Cape Town, South Africa in April 2015.

Some of her sonnets originally written in English appeared in D. Messerli’s anthology, together with F. T. Marinetti, Mayakovsky, Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Raymond Queneau and others. Her musical drama Cagliostro Forever was short-listed for Verona and UNESCO international poetry and opera competition. Her poetry has been translated into more than fifteen languages.

(photo by Biljana Gaurina)


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