Croatian Literature at London Book Fair 12th – 14th March 2024


Sandorf and the Public Institution Mljet National Park have been collaborating since 2018 on Sandorf's project “Odisejevo utočište – Ulysses' Shelter” (supported by the Creative Europe program of the European Union), an international network of literary residencies.

So far, around seventy young, promising writers, poets, and translators from all over Europe participated in the project, in eight partner countries (Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Serbia, Malta, and Spain). Mljet has hosted around twenty authors, who in turn were delighted with nature, hospitality, work conditions, and the unique atmosphere of the island of Mljet, largely thanks to the support of the Mljet National Park, which in the first two cycles of the project (2018–2022) provided accommodation and logistical assistance to the residents during their stay.

Sandorf and Mljet National Park will have a joint appearance at the two largest European book fairs: London Book Fair and Frankfurt, held in March (London) and October (Frankfurt) each year, which will include the presentation of the project “Odisejevo utočište – Ulysses' Shelter” and presentation of the visitor offer and natural and cultural heritage of the Mljet National Park. The goal is to attract new donors and potential partners for the “Odisejevo utočište – Ulysses' Shelter” project, and at the same time to attract new visitors and potential tourists to Mljet National Park. 

At the London Book Fair, which takes place from March 12th to 14th, Sandorf and Mljet National Park will present another joint project, stemming from the “Ulysses' Shelter” literary residency – the International Poetry Library in Babino Polje on Mljet. The new project will contain books of poetry and about poetry in all world languages, connecting Mljet with the entire world through poetry and literature.

At the London Book Fair, Sandorf will officially open a call for book donations to the International Poetry Library, addressed to all world publishers of poetry as well as libraries and other cultural institutions.

Sandorf and Mljet National Park will present the Croatian literary and cultural scene in an original way with this performance, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Media, with an emphasis on the synergy of cultural initiatives and the local community and the openness of the European cultural space.