The 9th Lit Link Festival – from 6th to 9th October – in Zagreb, Labin, and Rijeka


The 9th edition of the Lit Link Festival, organized by the Croatian Writers' Society, will be held 6th – 9th October 2021. This year’s edition presents guests from German-speaking territories – authors, editors, and publishers – and Croatian authors at events in Zagreb, Labin, and Rijeka.

Robert Prosser, Lena Müller, Jana Volkmann, Martin Peichl, Jan Peter Bremer, and Uwe von Seltmann are among the German guest-authors, while Croatian guest-authors include Nada Topić, Lora Tomaš, Damir Karakaš, Ante Zlatko Stolica, Želimir Periš, Jasen Boko, Tatajana Gromača, Sinan Gudžević, Korana Serdarević, Marko Tomaš, Jurica Gašpar and Dunja Matić Benčić.

Along with organizing readings by foreign and Croatian authors, The Lit Link Festival is equally dedicated to the promotion of Croatian literary production to international editors and publishers. Therefore, German editors, publishers and agents also participate in the programme: Sebastian Guggolz (Guggolz Verlag), Janika Rütter (Suhrkamp), Laura Siegismund (Merlin Verlag), Sophia Hungerhoff (Mare Verlag), Janek Domonell (literary agent), Chloé Billon (literary translator).

A projection of both Croatian and German translation will be set up for all readings.