Ministry of Culture and Media released a publication on the Creative Europe 2014-2020


Marking the conclusion of the Creative Europe 2014-2020 programme, the Croatian Ministry of Culture and Media has released a publication which showcases the results of the Croatian participants during the last period. The programme included two separate sub-programmes—the MEDIA and the Culture sub-programme, while the publication focuses on the latter. Creative Europe Desk has made possible to keep up with the latest tendencies in cultural and creative industries on the European level, while creating opportunities for the Croatian creative industries to built new knowledge, skills, insights, partnerships and projects. 

The publication takes the reader through the journey of the Creative Europe in Croatia: from the very beginning, cultural organizations, artists and creative professionals in Croatia have been a part of the programme, along with their European partners. The readers will discover the amount of energy and creativity poured into these trailblazing projects. 

Among plenty fascinating content and an overview of the finalized projects, those interested in literature and reading can look into the complete overview of the Literary translation projects, on pages 57-67. Within these projects, Croatian publishers have translated a number of works from various national literatures, and foreign publishers have published the translated works of Croatian authors.

Minister of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia Nina Obuljen Koržinek: "In this programming period, the Republic of Croatia gained multiple benefits from the Culture sub-programme: an increase in the number of beneficiaries was recorded, Croatia was awarded with its first European Capital of Culture title, and Croatian laureates won a number of recognitions and awards in certain prominent fields. The Croatian cultural and creative sector has been strengthened through participation in this programme, which encourages openness, dialogue, partnerships and networking at the international level, as well as simultaneous concentric dissemination of benefits to the local communities."

* You can download publication here!