An outstanding review on Hrvoje Pejaković's poetry at Poezibao by Marc Wetzel


Poezibao, the renowned French website dedicated to poetry, has published a review by Marc Wetzel on Hrvoje Pejaković's poetry and his recently published French translation Une phrase pour entre deux (preface and translation from Croatian by Brankica Radić, L'Ollave, 2020, 90 p.).

Hrvoje Pejaković (1960 – 1996) was a renowned Croatian poet and prolific literary critic who sadly passed away at the age 36. He was considered to be one of the best connoisseurs of contemporary Croatian literary production and his poems have been published in many anthologies of contemporary Croatian poetry around the world.

The complete review can be read on this link: 
(Note de lecture) Hrvoje Pejaković, Une phrase pour entre deux, par Marc Wetzel

Hrvoje Pejaković