Olja Savičević Ivančević

Olja Savičević, a poet, a writer and a journalist was born on September 16, 1974 in Split, Croatia. She gained the BA degree in Croatian language and literature. She worked as a teacher and as a lecturer at workshops - subject: Creative writing. For several years now she has been working as an independent writer and a columnist in newspapers and internet portals. She got a prize for her first published story as a twelve years old girl and her first collection of poetry was published when she was fourteen.
Olja published the following collections of poems: „It will be tremendous when I grow up“ (1988), “Eternal Kids” (1993), “Female manuscripts” (1999), “Puzzlerojc” (2006), “House rules” (2007) and „Mamasafari“ (2012). She also published the short story collection “To make a dog laugh” (2006) and novel “Good bye Cowboy” (2010).
She collaborates with theatres as a dramatist and the author of lyrics for theatre songs, and two of her short stories have been adapted to short films.
The manuscript of “To make a dog laugh” won Olja the prize for the best prose author under thirty-five awarded jointly by „Vijenac“, a Croatian literature and culture magazine, and the publishing house AGM. Olja won the Ranko Marinkovic award for the best short story in 2007 and the Kiklop prize for the best poetry collection in 2008.
„Good bye Cowboy“ won the award: „Roman T-portal“ as best Croatian novel 2011. As well as the art prize „Jure Kaštelan“ and translations into several foreign languages and based on the novel play.
An excerpt of the novel has been included into the Best European Fiction 2014 and won her the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa.
Her work has been included in a number of Croatian anthologies and International selections, and her writing, books or parts of prose work, poetry and essayistics have been translated into German, Czech, Italian, Spanish, Slovenian, French, English, Slovak, Macedonian, Polish, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Rumanian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Albanian and Zulu language.

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