Nada Gašić

Nada Gašić was born on 27th October 1950 in Maribor in the Republic of Slovenia, that since 1952 she has lived in Zagreb, where she graduated in Sociology and Yugoslav Studies (now Croatian Studies) at the Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb University (1969–1974), that in the academic year 1975/76 she was a lecturer in Croatian/Serbian at Charles University in Prague, that from 1976 to 1978 she held a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, during which time she read Czech as a part–time student at the Czech Language Department of the Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University. She Lectured at Charles University until 1985. From 1990 she collaborated with Prof. Vladimir Anić on his Dictionary of the Croatian Language, which now enjoys a cult status. She worked as an editor and a translator. After several years of work, her translation of a major work of world literature, Hašek’s The Good Soldier Švejk, in which she used the Zagreb vernacular, was published in 1996. It is known that in 2007 the Zagreb publisher Algoritam published her first novel A Quiet Street, an Avenue of Trees which was shortlisted for all the literary
prizes in Croatia and awarded the Croatian Writers’ Society prize for the best first novel of the year.
In 2010 her Zagreb publisher published her second novel, Water, Spider’s Web, which was awarded the prestigious City of Zagreb prize in 2011, together with A Quiet Street, an Avenue of Trees, and the Vladimir Nazor Prize, the most important state prize for the arts, for the best book of the year.

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