Jasna Horvat

Jasna Horvat (1966) began to write children's literature during the late nineties, while she was working in collaboration with children's theater Branko Mihaljević in Osijek.
For almost the entire decade that she has been on the literary scene, Jasna Horvat's texts have been preoccupied with stories about Croatian cultural heritage and it's recognition outside its national boundaries. This is so when she writes for both children and for adults. Lastly, this is also the case when she appears as a scientist and a university professor, who has successfully stepped out of her basic profession of economist, and continues to do so, into the area of humanistic sciences.
Jasna Horvat highlights the age of the Internet with its spatial and temporal designation. It allows her to merge various proffesions, and she is active as a writer, cultural theorist and scientist/researcher. She questions literature with narrative experiments in which she sets new rules and limitations by following and implementing the doctrine of the Oulipo.
Her literary work as a whole can be characterized as a far-reaching and far-sighted project of discovering, preserving and affirmation of Croatian heritage through the stories of its mythology, folk tales, the beginnings of literacy, national and homeland history incorporated into the context of the European and world history, science, art in all of its forms, architecture – therefore, all the objects which form the foundations of a culture.
The novel Az was awarded the prestigious Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts Award in the year 2010.

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