Dinko Telećan

Dinko Telećan was born in 1974 in Zagreb, Croatia. In 1999 graduated in philosophy and English language and literature from the University of Zagreb. During the last two decades he has been writing poetry, prose and essays as well as translating from English and Spanish as a free-lance author.
He has published so far four books of poems (Clashes, 1997, Gardens & Red Phase, 2003, Beyond, 2005, and Needlestack, 2011), a metaphysical study titled Freedom and Time (2003), travel books Lotus, Dust and Poppy (2008) and Asian Suite (2015), a book of essays called The Desert (2009) and a novel Deserter (2013). Selection from his works were translated into Catalan, English, Galician, German, Greek, Hungarian, Macedonian, Romanian, Slovakian, Slovenian and Spanish language.
Translated over 60 books (novels, poetry, scientific books, books of essays and lectures, including authors as various as J. G. Frazer, J. L. Borges, Kahlil Gibran, Richard Flanagan, Ernesto Sabato, Slavoj Žižek, H. D. Thoreau, Terry Eagleton, Stephen Greenblatt, Robert Graves, Julio Cortázar and Roberto Bolaño), and also edited a number of them.
His poems in English were published in anthologies Poets' Paradise, The Fancy Realm and Poetic Bliss (Guntur, India, 2010–12).
Participated as a screenwriter in the production of the animated film The Tide by Alen Zanjko (2011).
Translates for radio and television programmes as well. Works as an editor in literary publishing and on the Third Programme of the Croatian Radio.
Participated in literary festivals in Užice (Serbia, 2009), Jaipur (India, 2010), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canarian Islands, Spain, 2010), Wardha (India, 2011), Zagreb (Verse in the Region, poetry festival, Croatia, 2012), Bijelo polje (Montenegro, 2012), Guntur (India, 2012), Curtea de Argeş (Romania, 2013), Struga (Macedonia, 2013), Thessaloniki (Greece, 2014) and Thiruvananthapuram (India, 2014).
Won various awards for his translations and essays, among them the annual awards of the Croatian Literary Translators' Association for the translation of J. G. Frazer's Golden Bough in 2002 and Robert Graves' Poems Selected by Himself in 2014, as well as the Award for the best non-fictional translation at the Sarajevo Literary Fair in 2006 for the translation of Slavoj Žižek's The Ticklish Subject. Winner of the European Prize for Poetry at the Festival of Poetry in Curtea de Argeş in 2013. His novel Deserter won the Krunoslav Sukić Award for the Book of the Year which promotes pacifism, non-violence and human rights (Osijek, 2014). At the Writers' Festival in Trivandrum in 2014 won the Sahitya Shree Award for his contribution in the field of literature.
From 2004 to 2010 member of the Board of Croatian Literary Translators' Association; he is also a member of Croatian Writers' Association and Croatian PEN Centre. In 2015 became a member of the Board of Croatian Writers' Association.

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