Robert Perisic

Robert Perisic (Robert Perišić) is a prominent Croatian writer and journalist.
Perisic was born in 1969 in Split, Croatia. He lives in Zagreb and works as free-lance writer.
His books are authentic portrayals of society in transformation and its (anti)heroes.
Robert Perisic published a poetry collection entitled Dvorac Amerika (Castle America, 1995), two short story collections, 'Možeš pljunuti onoga tko bude pitao za nas' (You Can Spit on the One Who'll Ask for Us, 1999) and 'Užas i veliki troškovi' (Horror and Huge Expenses, 2002), a novel 'Naš čovek na terenu' (Our Man in Iraq, 2007), a theatre play 'Kultura u predgrađu' (Culture in the Suburbs, 1997) and a screenplay for Dalibor Matanić's film 'Sto minuta slave' (100 Minutes of Glory, 2004). He was editor of the Godine and Godine nove magazines. During nineties he published literary reviews in the Feral Tribune weekly. Currently he publishes literary column in the Globus weekly.
His novel “Naš čovjek na terenu” ('Our Man in Iraq’), published in 2007, was a bestseller in Croatia and received the prestigious Croatian literary award 'Jutarnji list'. The German edition of the novel (‘Unser Mann vor Ort’) also received ‘Literaturpreis der Steiermärkischen Sparkasse 2011’ in Graz, Austria. The English edition of the novel is published in June 2012 by Istros Books. In April 2013 US edition came out and it won wide and unanimously postive press coverage.

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