Sibila Petlevski

Sibila Petlevski, born 1964, is a novelist, poet, playwright, performer, university professor, theatre scholar, editor and translator; full professor at the Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb.
She is an author of more than twenty books in different genres of fiction, non-fiction, drama and poetry; member of l’Académie Européenne de Poésie and corresponding member of L’Académie Mallarmé. Member of the International PEN, serving two mandates on the International PEN Board (2002-2007).
Sibila Petlevski received the most prestigious national prize for literature and arts - Vladimir Nazor Award – for her poetry collection A Hundred Alexandrian Epigrams (1993).
Her play Ice General (Eisgeneral) was awarded with international selection at Berliner Festspiele TT-Stückemarkt in the year 2005.
Petlevski is the recipient of the 1st Poeteka International Poetry Prize for her book Joined Faces (2005).
Petlevski is the author of two awarded books on European drama and theatre (Symptoms of Modernity and Theatre of Interplay).
She is a recipient of T-portal Award for the Novel of the Year (2010) for Time of Lies, the first part of much acclaimed Taboo Trilogy.
Her play Lyrebird was selected at 10th Women Playwrights’ International for a stage reading in Cape Town, South Africa in April 2015.
She is a nationally and internationally anthologized author. Some of her sonnets originally written in English appeared in D. Messerli’s anthology of world authors, 50: A Celebration of Sun & Moon Classics (Sun & Moon Press, Los Angeles, 1995) with some major world authors’ work never before published in the United States (e. g. with previously untranslated work of F. T. Marinetti, Mayakovsky, Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Raymond Queneau, Frederike Mayröcker, Juan Goytisolo, and others).
Her musical drama Cagliostro Forever was short-listed for Verona and UNESCO international poetry and opera competition.
Her internationally anthologized poems – mostly from the book Choreography of Suffering – have been translated into English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Catalan, Slovene, Polish, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Galician, Albanian, Slovak and Japanese. She had readings and public recitals at numerous international literary events.

(photo by Biljana Gaurina)

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