Jurica Pavičić

Jurica Pavičić was born 1965. in Split, Croatia, where he still lives. He worked as a film critic and journalist for different Croatian newspapers. He won numerous national awards for his journalist work. His newspaper essays on Croatian politics, society and culture are collected in a books «Vijesti iz Liliputa» (News from Liliput, V.B.Z., 2001), «Split by Night» (Ex libris, 2004), and „New News from Liliput“ (EPH, 2011.).

In 1997., he published his first novel, «Ovce od gipsa» (Plaster Sheep), social thriller which unites several plotlines united by the same time and space: harbour city of Split during the Yugoslav war, in year 1992. Dealing with unpleasent motives of war crimes committed by Croats, novel attracted enormous attention in Croatia. It's usually considered as a shift in a new Croatian literature, novel which marked a beginning of a new wave of „stvarnosna proza“ (reality narrative) - more realist, narrative-driven and politically charged writing which dominated Croatian literature from the late 90s. «Ovce od gipsa» were translated in German by Nummer 8 Verlag from Wetzlar under the title «Nachtbus Nach Triest» (The Night Bus for Trieste, 2001). The Swiss weekly magazine «Facts» gave it third position on Top 10 list of the best crime/suspense novels of the year. The film «Witnesses» based on this novel (directed by Vinko Bresan) was screened in competition of Berlin Film Festival, and won several international awards. Pavicic is also a co-screenwriter of the film.

Pavičićc's second novel, «Nedjeljni prijatelj» (The Sunday Friend, Znanje, Zagreb) was published 2000. It's a detective novel which deals with links between post-communist wild capitalism and corrupted politics. 2001.Pavičić first theater play, «Trovačica» (Poisoner) was staged in Croatian National Theatre in Split. The play – murder story dedicated to Patricia Highsmith - won the national award for best theater text Drzic. In 2002. Pavičić published his third novel, «Minuta 88» ((Minute 88), VBZ, Zagreb). It's a social family drama strongly connected with football subculture. «Minuta 88» was nominated among 5 best fiction books in Croatia for the «Jutarnji list» award. Pavičić's fourth fiction book, «Kuća njene majke» (Her Mother's House» was published in 2005. It's a family melodrama discussing the position of the catholic church within Croatian society. In 2006., he published his fifth and - according to critics - best novel: „Little Red Riding Hood“ (VBZ 2006). Inspired by fable by brothers Grimm and set in contemporary Croatia, novel tells the story of a conservative girl from a fishing community who pays visit to her old aunt, communist and university professor from Zagreb. Through crime story, Pavičić discusses position of woman and relation to modernization in two Croatian generations.

From late 2000s, Pavičić completly shifts toward short fiction. He publishes two volumes of short stories- „Highway patrol“ (VBZ 2008) and „Boat in the Courtyard“ (VBZ 2013). First collections – whose title was inspired by Bruce Springsteen's eponimous song - was published in Italian by Salento Books in 2012. Geographically focused on writer's native coastal region of Dalmatia, these stories deal with family destinies in a transtion era, clash between modernity and tradition somewhere between war in the 90s and economic changes caused by tourism. Citing Palestinian film director Elia Souleiman, Pavičić says that his stories usually deal with „unfinished houses and unfinished businesses“. Critics often compare Pavičić's short stories with Alice Munro and Raymond Carver. Prominent Serbian novelist Dragan Velikić described Pavičić as „Ivo Andric of Dalmatia“.

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